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As the title says, I'm gonna be accepting requests... But keep it slow.... Don't send me a bunch at the same time. I want to balance between requests and college.
Accepting requests from now on...
I'm gonna be accepting requests. But keep it slow... and Don't send me a bunch at the same time. 
I want to balance between requests and college. I also decided that I'm gonna be writing in English, and Spanish from now on in Descriptions of Deviations, and in Journals. (If the user speaks Spanish, I will reply in Spanish, The same goes to the users who speak English)

RULES: Here are some of the things I WON'T draw.

1. Nudity.
2. Extreme gore (I can draw characters bleeding, but even this needs to be tone down a bit...)
3. Sexual content (That's self-explanatory.)
4. NO VORE (This is self-explanatory as well.)

I think this is all I have to say about the rules.

: I have a few:

I can draw them with traditional tools (on a sketchbook I own) or Digitally using Colors! 3D for the Nintendo 3DS. I also own the full version of Autodesk Sketchbook on my iOS device, and Paint.NET for PC.

Voy a empezar a aceptar requests. Pero haganlo lentamente... Y no me envien demasiados a la vez.
Yo quiero balancear entre Requests y la Universidad. Tambien he decidido que ahora en adelante, escribire en Español e Ingles en las descripciones de Deviantions y en los Journals. (Si el usuario me habla en Ingles, le contestare en Ingles, Lo mismo le va a los usuarios que hablan en Español.)

REGLAS: Aqui hay algunas cosas que yo NO voy a dibujar.

1. Desnudez
2. Heridas Extremas  (Yo puedo dibujar los personajes sangrando pero aun asi yo le bajo el tono un poco.)
3. Contenido Sexual  (Se explica por si mismo.)
4. NO VORE  (Se explica por si mismo tambien.)

Yo creo que esto es todo lo que voy a decir de las reglas.

Herramientas: Yo tengo algunas:

Yo puedo dibujarlos con herramientas tradicionales (En una libreta para sketches que yo tengo) O digitalmente utilizando Colors! 3D para el Nintendo 3DS. Tambien tengo la version completa de Autodesk Sketchbook en mi dispositivo iOS y Paint.NET en la PC.
Derek - Drunk by DigiBowser
Derek - Drunk
"After another successful fight, he decided to celebrate with beer, and other stuff."
Crimson by DigiBowser
This character belongs to :iconsuperpainter100:

This was originally gonna be a fight, against Derek. But I dropped the idea due to difficulties. ( Or it could be laziness... ^^; )
Derek by DigiBowser
This is the New redesign for Derek. All those days of practice payed off!

Note: I didn't add Shading / Lighting because I have to get familiar with the program I used.

AutoDesk Sketch - ( I used it to port the drawing from paper, to digital. )
Paint.NET - Added color.
Tiger3 - Pokemon  (Work in progress) by DigiBowser
Tiger3 - Pokemon (Work in progress)
Warning: If you don't want to get spoiled, Do not see the picture.

As you all know. (Or maybe you don't know.) The "supposed" Final evolutions for Rowlet, Litten, and Poplio were leaked. And I just wanna say that they are "legit".

I was bored, and I drew "Tiger3" (Name not final.) The pose should be familiar because it's one of the poses that appear in the "Leaked Photos"

That's all I have to say.
Hope you like it! 🐺


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Puerto Rico
Hello, I'm DigiBowser. I usually don't do requests, but I'm gonna start to accept them. But don't send me a bunch of request. I'm a student in college right now, so I don't want to focus only on requests, when I'm supposed to be studying. I'm gonna be balancing between the two.

Hola, soy DigiBowser. Yo usualmente no hago requests pero voy a empezar aceptarlos. Pero no me envíen muchos a la vez. Yo actualmente soy un estudiante en la universidad y no quiero enfocarme en los requests cuando se supone que yo este estudiando. En este caso yo voy a balancear entre los estudios y los requests.

pixel 3DS black by silver-escape

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